Our mission is to improve city life by driving change in urban mobility and enabling everyone to become part of it.

ELOOP was founded by Leroy Hofer, Nico Prugger, Frederic Nachbauer and Maximilian Schalkhammer. After a successful crowdfunding, we launched our e-car sharing service in Vienna in August 2019. 25 electric cars, a 4-person founding team and a private garage as a workshop – for a long time we were “the small ones”. But we were able to establish the company and grow steadily! We now have almost 30 employees, 200 Teslas and a great, ever-growing community. By the way, we also have a proper workshop now

Our founding team

3.000.000 kg CO₂

have already been saved by the ELOOP community. We know that together we can use resources not only more efficiently, but also in a more environmentally friendly and cost-saving way.

Mobility that belongs to all

This is possible thanks to our ELOOP ONE token. With this security token, we ensure that, in addition to sharing our cars, everyone can also participate in the trip revenues. In this way, all token holders earn a share of the daily car sharing trips. In August 2020, we tokenised the first cars and brought the trip revenue onto the blockchain.

Looking for a change?

Do you want to make cities more liveable, help save important resources and show everyone that everybody benefits from environmentally friendly mobility? Become part of our team and shape the future of mobility with us!