ELOOP ONE: 3 weeks review

September 17, 2020
How much token are already sold?

It is August 27th, 5:59 pm.

The info that our new project has finally started, is published on social media. The ELOOP ONE Token.

Quite excited and full of anticipation, we check the emails and inquiries at 6 p.m. Something is actually happening. We see the first registrations, the first comments, reactions and messages trickle into Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Our own in-house channels run hot – until late in the evening.

The first day comes to an end with over 20,000 token sold. Over the next few days, more and more people are registering, which leads to more and more token holders. We get thoroughly positive feedback and are mentioned in magazines, blog posts and news.

Three weeks later we want to give you an insight into the current figures. The following dates amount to the period 27.8.-17.9.


  • 78050 tokens sold
  • 102 token holder
  • 110 trips
  • € 1650 profit

All in all, from August 27th to September 17th 32.52% of the tokens already sold. The four tokenized BMW i3s were used for 110 trips during the period, generating a profit of € 1,650. The ELOOP ONE community has grown to 102 token holders within the first 3 weeks.

Token Holder Example

With an investment of € 2000 (corresponds to 2000 tokens), an increase of € 7.90 was achieved within the last three weeks. In addition to purchasing a token, you also received travel credit for the ELOOP car sharing service worth € 240. With these credits, you can drive a BMW i3 for up to 3 days free of charge.

ELOOP ONE Dashboard

If you want to know more about the EOT https://eloop.one/

If you want to secure EOT https://dashboard.eloop.one/dashboard

If you want to join our ELOOP ONE Community Channel https://t.me/eloopone

Addendum: Since September 18. are sold more than ⅓ of the EOT!

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