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October 11, 2021
Sharing Economy 2.0: ELOOP ONE Token Holders earn passive income with every car-sharing ride.

The abbreviation EOT stands for ELOOP ONE Token. This security token developed by ELOOP, allows anyone to participate in the revenues of the ELOOP car sharing fleet. Each token holder will directly participate in the revenue of the cars. Find out how it works here.

The idea behind the EOT: “Real” car sharing thanks to revenue sharing

Just sharing the use of our cars was not enough for us. The security token makes it possible to also join ELOOP’s value chain and benefit financially from the driving revenues.

With this unique selling point, we see ourselves as the first “real” car sharing provider – as opposed to a purely app-based car rental company. With the EOT, ELOOP is the first blockchain-based car sharing.

The EOT is also an important building block of our sustainability model. Besides the pure service of car sharing, the ELOOP One Token also helps to create local sustainable cities.

High demand for our EOT

Demand for our ELOOP ONE token remains high:

EOT: Survey Buying Token

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The power of community: Synergies between EOT and car sharing

In the spirit of the sharing economy, the impact of the community is also particularly important for EOT. Those who invest also promote the expansion of the car sharing service. Those who drive, in turn, increase the value of the EOT.

Regardless of whether it is “only” the token holder or also the car sharing user and vice versa: the synergy effects between the service and the security token continue to develop through the ELOOP community. In this way, we can create a holistic cycle.

Value of the EOT increases continuously due to positive network effects

Because especially in the mobility sector, the same applies to sharing solutions: The better the availability, i.e. the more densely developed the car sharing infrastructure, the higher the network effects. Thanks to these, every new e-car in the fleet simultaneously increases the turnover of all other cars.

With the increased profits from the trips, the payouts to token holders also become higher. We at ELOOP can in turn increase the token supply. And so on.

SHARING 2.0: EOT democratises the sharing economy

The ELOOP ONE token is one of the world’s first and most innovative ways to invest in sustainable mobility solutions.

With the tokens, people can also participate in the sharing economy who do not want to or cannot use the ELOOP car sharing service themselves. For example, because the service is not yet available in their city.

By purchasing EOT, truly anyone can be part of the ELOOP community and strengthen sustainable sharing models in the mobility sector in the process. The demand is proven: In our community survey on Instagram, 32 percent said they were token holders without also being car sharing users.

Survey Token Holder Carsharing User

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Build passive income with EOT

The ELOOP ONE token is the world’s first security token that allows everyone to participate in the revenues of a car sharing fleet. Unlike conventional financial products, there is a real asset behind every ELOOP ONE token.

What is unique about this form of investment is that revenue sharing takes place in real time. Everyone who owns ELOOP ONE tokens earns money immediately through the revenue generated from rides. The profit from the rides is automatically split 50/50 between ELOOP and the token holders. With the purchase of EOT, anyone can thus build up a passive income.

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EOT as a sustainable investment

The ELOOP ONE token is an innovative green investment opportunity. Token holders support sustainable mobility solutions in cities through their investment.

EOT strengthens car sharing as an alternative to private cars

The more cars are tokenized, the better we can expand our service. Through a growing ELOOP car sharing fleet, we can offer an increasingly attractive alternative to the private car, which is often used far too infrequently. By sharing capacities, we also reduce resource consumption in the area of mobility and increase resource efficiency.

The trend in the area of mobility has long been towards using rather than owning. Younger generations in particular want to drive cars first and foremost instead of maintaining them. The EOT helps to further establish the car sharing service and increase ELOOP’s positive impact in the sharing economy.

EOT strengthens electromobility

In addition, the entire ELOOP fleet consists of purely electrically powered vehicles. The e-cars are charged in Vienna with 100% green electricity.

Further advantages for EOT holders

  • Real countervalue: In contrast to a usually highly speculative financial product, there is a real asset behind the ELOOP ONE token. The tokenized cars of the ELOOP fleet continuously generate sales and thus also bring money into the pockets of token holders.
  • Flexible cashout: Token holders benefit from a flexible cashout: They can either convert the sales into driving credits or have them paid out in euros.
  • 100% transparency: The Token Holder Dashboard guarantees 100 percent transparency and allows you to view all important data. The breakdown of turnover and profits from the journeys can also be viewed in real time in the dashboard.
  • Free driving credits: When you buy EOTs, you also get credits in the form of driving credits for free. The number of credits depends on the amount of EOTs purchased.

Token Supply: How many cars are already tokenized?

The ELOOP ONE token was first offered for sale in August 2020. There have been a total of 4 sales so far, in which 935,000 ЕОТ have been sold. This corresponds to 11 tokenized Tesla.

You are still undecided whether the EOT is a good opportunity for you to invest sustainably? You can get more information here.

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