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What is car sharing?

General Information

Car sharing means that you can rent cars anywhere in your city via the app, without having to hand them over personally. With the app you can reserve a car, open it and lock it again. If you want to stop renting a car, you can simply park it in an authorized parking lot in our business area.

What does Home Zone mean?

General Information

This is our business area in which you can rent our e-cars and end your trip. Of course you can also drive outside – in the whole EU!

Who can use ELOOP?

General Information

ELOOP can be used by anyone who meets the following requirements:

  • You have a valid class B driver’s license and an active ELOOP account
  • You have a credit card or debit Mastercard / VISA
  • You own a smartphone (iOS or Android)

Only people over 25 years old can register at the moment. 

How can I use the service?

General Information

Simply download our app from the app store or play store. After you have registered, you can use our e-cars. You can find the available cars in the app. With this you can also open the vehicles and then start driving straight away.

Are foreign driving licenses also accepted?

General Information

We accept almost all international driving licenses and driving licenses issued in the EU or EEA.

If you have a driver’s license that was not issued in the EU or EEA, we also need:

  • A certificate of residence (extract from the population register) or a confirmation of your address (telephone or electricity/gas bill that is not older than 6 months).
  • A copy of your passport

Why does the app need access to my camera, location, etc.?

General Information

We only need access to your camera so that you can take a photo of your driver’s license when registering and take photos if there are defects in a car.

Your location is used so that we can show you in the app where ELOOP cars are near you.

How can I contact ELOOP?

General Information

Write us an email to [email protected] or write us in the chat on the website.

How does the Refer-A-Friend-Program work?

General Information

Just open the ELOOP App and go to “Refer your friends”. There you can share a code. Your friends will get 15€ on their first trip and you will get 15€ at the end of their first trip. 

What is the Eloop One Token?

General Information

The EOT allows everybody to become a part of the value chain of a shared economy service. Unlike other token and crypto currencies the EOT is backed by the ELOOP car sharing fleet.

To realize this new sharing approach we have tokenized our fleet and created an entire ecosystem for users to manage their investments and get insights into the processes of ELOOP. 

The car cannot be started!

Problems with the car rent

With the Tesla you step on the brake and push the gearstick down. 

I can’t find the key!

Problems with the car rent

There is no key for the Tesla. The engine is started as soon as you get in, and the Tesla can be started and parked using the gear lever.  You can make a stopover simply via the app (“Pause/Stop Over”). 

The charging cable cannot be removed from the car or the charging station!

Problems with the car rent

In the Tesla, you unlock the cable via the touchscreen in the car. Press the green lightning bolt.  Then click on “Ladevorgang stoppen” and on “Entriegeln”. Here we show you how to stop the charging process. 

The rental cannot be ended !?

Problems with the car rent

If the first attempt doesn’t work, please check the following things first:

Make sure that all doors, the trunk or the tailgate and the windows are closed. Please make sure that the charging card is in the key holder.
Also make sure that you are in the home zone. You can see your current location in our app.

Now try to end the rental again. If that still doesn’t work, please contact our support at +43 720 778 234 or by email at [email protected]

The Tesla display does not start.

Problems with the car rent

To restart the display, press both buttons on the steering wheel simultaneously for several seconds. 

If it still does not work, contact our support at +43 720 778 234

I noticed damage to the car!

Problems with the car rent

You can report damages to us directly via the app. To do this, click on the car symbol in the top right of the app. Otherwise you can also contact our support by email at [email protected]

What do I do in a traffic accident?

Problems with the car rent

Please make sure that nobody has been injured and properly secure the accident site! In any case, please call the police. This also applies to minor damage. In any case, it is your duty to write down the name of the car owner (s) involved, the license plate number and the police file number and to send us a written accident report immediately. Please also contact our support immediately at +43 720 778 234 or by email to [email protected]!

What do I do in the event of a breakdown?

Problems with the car rent

Contact a towing service and have the car brought to a nearby workshop. Please also contact our support immediately at +43 720 778 234 or by email to [email protected]!

What do I do if I drive an electric car completely empty?

Problems with the car rent

Try to position the car so that it is not a danger to others. Then contact a towing service and have the car taken to a nearby charging station. Contact our support immediately at +43 720 778 234 or by email to [email protected]!

What does Best Price Guarantee mean?

Tariffs & Pricing

Our pricing algorithm guarantees that you will always get the best price. You can simply start your journey and automatically change to the cheaper rate for your journey time. So you don’t have to decide which package to choose or how long to rent a car before you start driving.

For example, if you rent a car for 40 minutes or more, the rate for the first hour applies, because it is cheaper than the rate for 40 individually charged minutes. 

The same applies for each additional hour and the daily rate.

Do I have to decide how long I want to rent a car when booking?

Tariffs & Pricing

No, at ELOOP from the beginning to the end of your rental is more flexible than anywhere else. You don’t have to commit to a specific rental period or book an hourly or daily package in advance. You can just jump in and cruise spontaneously for as long as you like. So you can decide how long you want to enjoy your trip. And best of all: We always guarantee you the best price!

Do I have to rent a whole hour to get the rate for the first hour?

Tariffs & Pricing

No. As soon as the hourly rate becomes cheaper than the minute rate, you automatically switch to the first hour rate. In order to benefit from the cheaper rate, you never have to use up the entire rental period. So you pay the price for the first hour as soon as your rental time would be more expensive calculated according to the price per minute. And it doesn’t matter if you drive only 40 minutes or a full hour.

When do I start paying the low daily rate?

Tariffs & Pricing

Already after 8 hours of rental time you will drive at the cheapest rate, namely the daily rate. With a premium subscription you pay only 0.07 per minute!

How do I get into the cheaper rate without booking it?

Tariffs & Pricing

With ELOOP, you always drive at the best price thanks to the pricing algorithm. As soon as another tariff is cheaper in relation to your travel time, you only pay this tariff. The fare switches automatically while you are driving, without you having to worry about it. However, you don’t have to use the full fare to benefit from the lower fare.

How do I book an hourly or daily package?

Tariffs & Pricing

You don’t have to do that before the trip. Just drive off and the tariff will automatically change to the cheaper hourly or daily package.

How much does it cost to rent an ELOOP car?

Tariffs & Pricing

The longer you drive, the cheaper the calculated price per minute. You can rent an ELOOP car at the cheapest tariff starting at 0.07 Euro per minute. All information about our rates and subscription models can be found on our pricing page.

How many kilometers are included?

Tariffs & Pricing

Each rental includes 180 km. In the Premium subscription, 200 km are included. If you drive longer than 24 hours, you will receive additional free kilometers on an hourly basis. For a further full day’s rental (longer than 8 hours), you will receive the full 180 km again.

What pricing models are there?

Tariffs & Pricing

There are two different pricing models. The minutes / hours / daily prices vary depending on the subscription. The Freemium model is available for € 0/year and the Premium for € 99/year. Reduced prices, more kilometers per trip and less deductible are included in the Premium subscription model. You can find all further information and prices here

Which cars does ELOOP offer?

Rents & Cars

Our e-fleet consists of Teslas. The models are Tesla Model 3 2021 SR+ and Tesla Model 3 2020 SR+. 

Can I only drive my car in Vienna?

Rents & Cars

No. With our e-cars you can drive throughout the EU without additional fees. The cars only have to be back in our business area to end the rental.

How many km are included per trip?

Rents & Cars

Basically 180km per trip are included. In the premium subscription it’s 200km. 
If you drive longer than one day, you will receive 180km/200km for every full day rental (longer than 8 hours). 

Do the cars have a highway vignette?

Rents & Cars

Yes, all ELOOP cars have a highway vignette for Austria.

Are the cars insured?

Rents & Cars

Yes, all ELOOP cars are fully comprehensive insured.

Where can I find the breakdown triangle & safety kit?

Rents & Cars

You can find this in the back of the trunk.

Where do I find the safety vest, the registration certificate and accident report?

Rents & Cars

You’ll find these three things in the center console by the charging card.

How much range do the cars have?

Rents & Cars

It depends on the model, the outside temperature, the air conditioning or heating and your driving style. Basically, the following ranges can be assumed:

  • Tesla Model 3: 400 km

Do the cars have air conditioning and heating?

Rents & Cars

Yes, all ELOOP cars have air conditioning and heating.

Do the cars have a navigation system?

Rents & Cars

All cars have a navigation system. 

How do I make a stopover?

Rents & Cars

You can simply make a stopover via the app. For example, if you want to park the car and lock it, click on “Pause/Stop Over” in the app. 

Can I reserve the cars in advance?

Rents & Cars

You can reserve the cars free of charge 15 minutes in advance. To do this, select your desired car in the app and click on “Book this e-car”. If 15 minutes are not enough, just repeat the reserving-process. Although, after the third time, you will get blocked.

How do I end a rental?

Rents & Cars

Simply park the e-car in the home zone, get out, close the door and end the rental with the app. Also make sure that you are in a permitted parking space. You can find more detailed information on the permitted parking spaces in the terms and conditions.

Can I charge my cell phone in the car?

Rents & Cars

Yes, you can charge your phone via the inductive smartphone charging pad.

Where can I find the charging cable for the electric car?

Rents & Cars

The charging cable is located in the trunk of all models.

Can I take animals with me?

Rents & Cars

You can take animals in the cars, but only if you bring a suitable transport box and chauffeur the animal in it. We ask you to stick to it so that allergy sufferers can use our e-cars without any worries.

Do I have to charge the car after driving?

Parking & Charging

No. As long as the Tesla Model 3 has more than 20km, you can end your rent. Otherwise you should start the charging process and end your trip at the charging station or park the charged car at a regular parking spot.

How to charge a Tesla Model 3

Where can I find charging stations?

Parking & Charging

The easiest way to find charging stations in Vienna is with the “Tanke Wien Energie” app or here. The app also shows you whether the charging station is free. At the Wien Energie charging stations within Vienna, you can charge your car for free with the charging card.

You can find all Superchargers and Destination Charger from Tesla here

Can I end the rental at a charging station?

Parking & Charging

Yes, you can end the rental at a charging station if:

  • the battery of the electric car is 50% or less,
  • the charging station is located within the home zone (business area),
  • the charging station is a public charging station from Wien Energie,
  • you have started the charging process (you can see whether the charging process has started on the LEDs of the charging station. If they are lit blue continuously, the charging process has started)

How to end the rental at a charging station

Where and how can I charge the car?

Parking & Charging

You can charge our cars for free at all Wien Energie charging stations within Vienna. At all other stations you have to pay for the charging yourself.
For charging, you can simply park the car at any charging point. The charging cable is located in the trunk of the electric car. Plug one end into the charging station and the other end into the electric car. Then hold the charging card to the RFID reader at the station. As soon as the lights at the station are solid blue, the charging process has started. When the battery is fully charged, please unplug the car from the charging station immediately and continue driving or park it in a regular parking lot.

How to charge a Tesla Model 3

How much do I pay for charging at the partner-stations?

Parking & Charging

You can charge our cars for free at all Wien Energie charging stations within Vienna. At all other stations you have to pay for the charging process yourself.
The price is determined by the duration of the charging process. Therefore, when the car is fully charged, it should be immediately unplugged and removed from the charging station, otherwise the cost will continue to run. You can find the current prices of the partners here

You can find all charging stations here

Why am I being charged a service fee for charging?

Parking & Charging

In Vienna, you can charge for free at all Wien Energie stations. At all other partner stations or Superchargers, the costs are passed on and we allow ourselves a service fee of 5€.

Of course, you are free to get your own charging card. This way we don’t have to take care of the bill and don’t have to charge a fee.

Where can I park the cars and end my rental?

Parking & Charging

Basically, you can park our e-cars in most public parking lots and end the rental. This includes short-term parking zones, but also Wien Energie charging stations within Vienna, in the home zone, if you start the charging-process. You can use these parking spaces free of charge.

We recommend that you make sure that you are not standing in a private or commercial parking lot (supermarkets, authorities, etc.), neighboring parking lot or a parking lot with a no-parking zone before you end the rental. You have to pay for parking at these places at your own expense. You can find more detailed information in the terms and conditions.

My account has been blocked!

My Account & Payment

Here it is important to differentiate whether you have driven with ELOOP before or whether you have just registered.

I have already driven with ELOOP

Is your credit card chargeable? Often an account is blocked because the last trip could not be charged.

Is your credit card still valid? If your credit card has expired, please update it under “My Account” in the app.

Is your driver’s license still valid? If your driver’s license has expired, please send it to us by email.

I have not driven with ELOOP yet

Is your credit card chargeable? Often an account is blocked because the test booking could not be debited.

Where was your driver’s license issued? For driver’s licenses that were not issued in the EU, we require additional documents.

After you have checked these points, you should contact support by mail [email protected] so that your account can be unlocked.

What forms of payment are accepted?

My Account & Payment

Only credit cards or debitcards Mastercard/VISA are currently supported.

What does credits mean?

My Account & Payment

Credits are your driving credit. One euro corresponds to one credit. Credits will be used automatically on your next trip.

Where can I see my credits?

My Account & Payment

If you click on “Credits” in the app, you will see your credit.

How can I update my form of payment?

My Account & Payment

To do this, click on “My Account” in the app. You can update your payment details here.

How can I update my driver’s license?

My Account & Payment

If you have a new driver’s license, please send us a photo of the front and back by email to [email protected]

How can I change my personal information?

My Account & Payment

To do this, click on “My Account” in the app. Here you can update your information.

Where can I get an invoice for my trip?

My Account & Payment

To do this, click on “Invoices” in the app. You can download your invoices as a PDF here.

I was charged something even though I didn’t drive!

My Account & Payment

Please check your invoices in the app first to see if it might be a parking penalty or something else. If you cannot allocate the amount or have any questions, please contact support at [email protected].

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