E-Carsharing at a fixed monthly rate


E-Carsharing at a fixed monthly rate

Drive a Tesla every day for just 350 € a month

Tesla Model 3 at a fixed rate
30 hours / month
The monthly fixed price includes a contingent of 30 single hour tickets and four day tickets. One hour ticket is used for each started hour. You can use a maximum of three hours at a time before the trip counts as a day trip.
4 days / month
If the trip lasts more than three hours, a day ticket will be used. You can combine all available day tickets into one long trip. Traveling longer? Easy. Once the contingent has been used up, the discounted ELOOP Plus rates apply.
All inclusive
With ELOOP Flat you enjoy many more advantages: Charging and parking in Vienna, Tesla Supercharger access, fully comprehensive insurance, service, vignette, cleaning and 10 % off all additional trips – all included.
Young couple getting ready for their roadtrip with a Tesla from ELOOP e-carsharing

More flexibility?

Not sure, if ELOOP Flat is right for you? Have a look at all our memberships. ELOOP Basic suits anyone who appreciates no commitment and needs a car only occasionally. ELOOP Plus is just right for everyone who drives with us regularly and ELOOP Pro is the membership for people who like to drive a bit longer or further. We’re sure we’ve got the right thing for you.

More car?

You still want more car, without buying one? Try the ELOOP Car Subscription and subscribe to your Tesla Model 3 for a fixed monthly rate. We’ve got flexible terms ranging from 3 to 48 months and the cars are immediately available in Austria. You drive, we take care of the rest.

Who can use ELOOP Flat?

You must have an activated ELOOP account and be at least 25 years old.

What does ELOOP Flat cost?

ELOOP Flat costs 350 € incl. VAT per month. The amount is deducted monthly from the payment method deposited. The Unlock is charged for each trip.

Flat: How can the contingent be used?

The monthly fixed price includes a quota of 30 hour tickets and 4 day tickets. Here are some examples of how the tickets can be used:

  • 15 minutes – 1 hour ticket is used
  • 60 minutes – 1 hour ticket is used
  • 78 minutes – 2 hour tickets will be used
  • 3 hours – 3 hour tickets will be used
  • 3 hours 5 minutes – 1 day ticket will be used
  • 25 hours – 1 day and 1 hour ticket will be used
  • 48 hours – 2 day tickets will be used
Flat: What happens when I have used up my allotment for the month?

Anything over your included quota will be charged at ELOOP Pro conditions.

Flat: Can I change the driver during a journey?

Yes, for this it is necessary that the persons live in the same household (this must be proven with a registration confirmation of the main residence) and both have an activated ELOOP account.

How can I upgrade from ELOOP Pro to ELOOP Flat?

ELOOP Pro users have the possibility to upgrade their membership to ELOOP Flat. To do this, the unused portion of the annual ELOOP Pro membership fee is offset against the costs of ELOOP Flat. The offsetting takes place with the second debit of ELOOP Flat.

Flat: Term, cancellation and right of withdrawal

The ELOOP Flat membership is an unlimited contract with 6 months commitment. Cancellation is possible in writing at any time. In the event of premature termination, the contract will be terminated after expiry of the commitment period. ELOOP Flat users can exercise their right of withdrawal within 14 days of completing the form. This must be done in writing. The right of withdrawal expires as soon as the first trip has been made.

Any questions?